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Power Heels

Kaleila Jordan

Strength Training and Heels Dance Class

Tone N Twerk

Nicole Steen

Booty Toning and Twerk Dance

Burlesque Burn

Erica Hawkins

Pilates Conditioning and Burlesque Dance

Blissful Barre

Diane Numark

Total Body Toning with Ballet, Pilates and Yoga

Hustle and Flow

Charlene Dipaola

Flow Yoga Class with Dance and Strength

Dancehall Jam

Zen Nina

Total Body and High Energy Dance Party,

Old School Hip Hop

Ashley Chatman

Nostalgic Old School Moves and Cardio

Brazilian Warrior

Jessica De Lima

Afro Brazilian Dance Plus Sculpting

Kpop Dance Party

Ally Vega

Kpop Cardio and Choreography


Express Your FEMININE.

Dance styles that excite and challenge you!

Dance Classes for ALL Body Types and Experience Levels.

We offer classes and programs in all levels to serve ALL women!

We are a COMMUNITY, a sisterhood.

We are here to form deep bonds and share experiences that transcend time and geographical location. We are here to support each other with zero judgement. We’re ALL in this together!

Dance and sweat anytime, anywhere.

With Hip Shake Fitness you can workout any time, anywhere at any weather. There is no need to worry about how good or bad your dance moves are, how you look when you’re super sweaty, how red your head becomes and how much your body is jiggling. As a member of a regular gym I got comments about all this and I just stopped going. PLUS, I also gained an online community! I love to connect with dance loving women from all over the world. We keep each other accountable, we celebrate achieved milestones together and we have each other’s back on bad days.

DJUKE, Berlin

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Life is too short for boring workouts

There is a huge variety of different types of styles and classes available. There is truly something for everyone, I don’t see how anyone could get bored! You could do a different class style each day of the week and still have more to try! The community is truly different than other fitness based groups I’ve tried to be a part of. Charlene has really set up a place where everyone is welcome and feels safe to share both their wins and struggles. The members are all there to help each other, and it’s clear that you guys truly care about us!

KRISTEN, Illinois

Try A 5 Minute Sample From Our Tone N Twerk Dance Class

Dance classes for WOMEN by WOMEN!

We’ve created a safe space where you we can explore our femininity together.

We FOCUS on DIVERSITY in Body Type and Skin Color

Every BODY can dance. Our dancers and instructors are very diverse in body types, age and skin color. We ALWAYS offer modifications.

Woman and minority owned company

Featured in POPSUGAR FITNESS (here).


  We're always releasing NEW videos for ya! Weekly Livestreams, New Workouts, Goal Oriented Programs and more. You will NEVER get bored!


  Access all our dance workouts on-demand anytime and with any device!


  Beginners are welcome! We ALWAYS offer modifications to make a move work for beginners and more challenging if you need an extra push!

All my life I've struggled with weight issues. I started walking, going to the gym but it was a constant struggle... I needed something that was more fun and motivating. I've always loved dancing and putting the 2 together keeps me going!

MYRIAM, Arizona

When you're juggling 2 kids and a full-time job, it's hard to find time to make it to the dance studio. Now I can dance whenever I catch a break. My 2 boys actually love doing dance workouts with me!

LORI, California

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