Dance And Detox Challenge | 7 Days To A Renewed Mind, Body And Rhythm

Hi Babe!

I’m so excited to do the 7 Day Dance And Detox Challenge with you! It’s a great time to detox, let go of anything from the past that doesn’t serve YOU. Let’s begin this new decade by clearing off toxicity from our mind, body and heart.

Dance workouts are a great way to reduce inflammation, help your body function properly and fight against diseases. This combined with a healthy diet is one of the most important ways to detoxify. We are removing foods that are processed and unhealthy for our body and cause inflammation. We are adding foods that help boost our immune system.

We’ve got 7 days of dance workouts, daily tips, 11 recipes, a detox food guide and a group of supportive babes to get you through this challenge.

I hope you’re ready to dance and detox with us!

Your FREE 7 Day Dance And Detox includes…

✓Daily dance & detox schedule
✓Access to premium workouts from our dance studio
✓Build muscle through resistance training
✓Learn 11 easy and immune system boosting recipes
✓7 Day Dance & Detox workouts include:
✓35 Min Blissful Barre Dance Workout from Diane
✓30 Min Tone N Twerk Dance Workout from Nicole
✓30 Min Burlesque Burn Dance Workout from Erica
✓A supportive community of women on the journey with you

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