Become a Brand Ambassador

We’re looking for fit and fierce women like you to join our Dance Diva’s brand ambassador program. If you join you’ll score the following perks:

  • Free access to our virtual dance studio (we’ve got 400+ dance workouts featuring barre, twerk, burlesque, hip hop and more.)
  • Cool swag and free gifts like a Dance, Sweat, Slay Repeat T-Shirt, Hip Shake Fitness booty bands and more
  • Promotion on our Instagram and YouTube channel to help you grow your following.
  • The chance to earn money off of referrals. Start out earning $12 off of every new Hip Shake Fitness member that you refer. We’ll give you a referral code that you can use when featuring Hip Shake Fitness to your followers.
  • Brand Ambassador newsletter and creative to help you maximize your commission.
  • The chance to become a Hip Shake Fitness instructor.
  • You can feature Hip Shake Fitness to your followers however you’d like, such as posting a video of you performing our dance choreos, sharing our recipes or taking one of our Challenges.

Here are the requirements for our ambassador program:

–You must be 18+.

–You personify the Hip Shake Fitness brand values and your content reflects body positivity and empowerment through dance and fitness.

–Social following – you have over 1,000 Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers.

–You are excited to grow your personal brand with us.

–You will post about Hip Shake Fitness a minimum of one time per month on Instagram and / or YouTube.

Interested? Apply to be a Dance Diva brand ambassador by filling out this form or emailing [email protected].

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