Our dance workout classes are taught by world-class, experienced and multi-platform certified instructors who are extremely passionate about their craft. PLUS you get fresh new workouts every week so you will NEVER GET BORED.


Flirty Hip Hop

Flirty Hip Hop is a cardio dance workout where you will sweat and feel sexy at the same time. Let's go girls!

Bollywood Abs Workout

Bollywood Abs is a really fun, sexy, cardio dancing ab workout that's designed to tighten, tone and strengthen your core. We've infused a mixture of Bollywood inspired movements like the Bhangra as well as targeted ab exercises that's designed to strengthen your core and give you a really really great workout. Grab a water, a towel, put a really big smile on your face, give me a great attitude and let's get ready to party!

LA Latin Fitness

In this class you will learn the basic steps of four latin dances, Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive & Samba. All geared to get your heart rate up and you sweating.

Dancehall Jam

Dancehall Jam is a party like dance movement from Jamaica that works out your full body targeting your core, your legs and your butt. Come out Jam with us to your hottest Caribbean music.

Brazilian Warrior Workout Maculele

Harness your inner warrior! The Brazilian Warrior Workouts origin is maculele, a traditional Afro Brazilian stick dance that uses wooden dowels called grimas. They are supposed to be weapons but they are going to be musical instruments today. You can always use kitchen utensils as a substitute. We dance and follow the rhythm of the atabaque drum which is a traditional Brazilian drum. Get your stress out and have fun!

Belly Dance Trance

This is a fun core workout using moving isolations with our neck, chest, hips. Get ready to Shimmy & Shake it.

Old School Hip Hop

We take your through a really fun old school hip hop routine using some of your favorite classic moves like the running man and the cabbage patch. We're gonna infuse cardio blasting dance moves with targeted sculpting exercises that will really help you to shed those pounds. Grab some water, get some style and attitude and let's get ready to party with it. You'll definitely get in shape and ready for that high school reunion.

Kpop Dance Party

KPOP stands for Korean Pop Music and it's a music genre that's popular all over the world. Today we're going to be doing some femme, some grooves and some hip hop. So let's have some fun!

Tone N Twerk

Tone N Twerk will get your booty in tip top shape with none other than The Booty Queen herself, Nicole Steen. Start off with a toning workout and loosen up with a sexy twerkdance. Don't be shy, twerk it and tone it!

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