Afrovibe™ is a French Afrocentric dance workout that combines muscle toning and cardio dance training. The cardio workout is built around African dances, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Brazil which includes squats and standing strength. This workout can improve your flexibility and strength while having a dance party in your own living room. Afrovibe™ is a great if you are a beginner and want to try African dance workouts. It will put a smile on your face and give you a great workout so let’s get ready to vibe!

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Zenina Rashed

Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens NY, Zenina is a passionate dancer, choreographer and business woman. Her passion and affinity for dance started at 3 years old when her mother put her into dance school and she immediately felt at home. Zenina has trained in many styles of dance including Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, African dance and Tap. Her love for dance motivated her to begin teaching. She loves inspiring others through the art of dance to help people find their own personal rhythm. In addition to dance, she is also a disciplined Yogi.


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