Brazilian Warrior Workout Maculele

Our Brazilian Warrior Workout is Maculelê (Pronounced: mah-koo-leh-LEH), an Afro Brazilian dance usually performed in a roda (circle). Maculele is a common dance in Santo Amaro da Purificação, Bahia, Brazil at festivals commemorating the saint of the city, Nossa Senhora da Purificação. This is a great warrior workout that will tone your legs, glutes, arms and shoulders. This traditional dance is performed with “grimas” (sticks in Portuguese). These sticks symbolize weapons but function as musical instruments keeping time with drums. If you don’t have “grimas,” you can also use drum sticks, wooden kitchen utensils or just clap your hands. This warrior workout is sure to keep your core engaged while keeping that smile on your face. Let’s hit it!

Studio: Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles

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Jessica Carla Lima Moran

Jessica de Lima-Moran is a first generation Brazilian-American who began dancing Jazz, Ballet, and Modern as a young girl. Dance was her means of self-expression and a way to develop her creativity. She found and fell in love with the powerful and graceful Afro-Brazilian arts of Capoeira and Maculelê. A long-time student of Mestre Boneco, of Capoeira Brasil – she has trained, taught, and performed Capoeira throughout the world. In Capoeira circles, she is best know as “Pavão” her Capoeira nickname which means ‘peacock,’ a perfect moniker for this outgoing and expressive dancer. For Pavão, Capoeira, Maculelê and other forms of traditional and contemporary Brazilian dance are not just a hobby and a job but a life philosophy. Jessica teaches at CBLA’s Mid-City & Northeast LA locations. In addition, she has developed a comprehensive middle and high school Capoeira curriculum. Pavão has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley.


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