Stretch And Recover

Are you experiencing any pain in your lower back, knees or neck? We’ve designed our Stretch & Recover series to help you remove inflammation and increase blood flow. Rachel, our licensed physical therapist will be showing us exercises and foam rolling designed to keep you dancing and moving pain free.  After a long day or a tough workout, show your body the care it deserves!

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Rachel Suson

Rachel has been part of the Forster Physical Therapy team since 2009. After graduating
from the University of California – Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s of Science in
Physiological Sciences, Rachel began her career a physical therapy aide. From there, she
moved on to Phase IV applying her bachelor’s education to practical application of
exercise physiology, working with both weekend warriors and professional athletes to
reach their optimal performance. Rachel returned to FPT in 2016 having graduated with a
Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mount St. Mary’s University. Besides orthopedics
and sports, her clinical experience includes working with Brain Injury, geriatrics, and
Home Health. Rachel is an avid practitioner of martial arts with a background in judo,
jujitsu, the Korean art Kuk Sool Won, and most extensively, capoeira. She practices and
teaches in her off-time while also exploring different movement practices such as dance,
yoga, hiking, and cycling. Rachel is excited to continue to be a part of the FPT team,
while learning and expanding her skills through educational seminars.


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