Slay that back game in just 15 minutes. This back workout with Ashley is the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Tone your back and your arms with our follow along workout you can do at home. Add weights to intensify your toning and get strong and sexy with us!

Easy Back Workout

Back Moves

  • Arm Push
  • Side Push
  • Front Lateral Raises
  • Shoulder Blade Tuck
  • Arm Open
  • Arm Stretch Up
  • Arm Circles
  • Arms Front and Back
Get our fave weights:

Why I Love This Workout

This is an easy back workout that Ashley has created exclusively for Strong and Sexy. For me, I always forget about my back and my arms when I work out. It always seems like such a chore to get through to those areas, but with this workout, I love that the main focus is my back. My favorite moves are the various Arm Pushes because they’re so easy to do and they’re really effective. You almost feel it right away, especially if you don’t work those muscles regularly. You can definitely rock to any music and just keep pushing those arms and get a great workout. The hardest ones for me are the Arm Stretches with the weights. I get tired way too quick, but seeing Ashley sweating and keep going, it helps motivate me to continue.

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