Want a better butt? Our 2 week Booty Boot Camp program has got you covered! These dance workouts will get your lower body toned and strong. Are you ready?

Glute Workouts For Everyone

Who doesn’t want booty gains? I know I do. This 2 week program will help you sculpt and lift your glutes and strengthen your lower body too. Your lead trainer is our booty queen, Nicole Steen, so you’re in good hands. In this 2 week program, you will try classes like Tone N Twerk, Dancehall Jam and Brazilian Warrior Workout. Set aside 35-40 minutes during the two weeks and get ready to challenge your body. Our twerk classes are great for your glutes and legs, dancehall is a dance party that will make you sweat and Brazilian warrior will improve your balance and your core strength. I love all three of these classes because they’re both fun and challenging. I promise you’ll be sore after taking the first class but you’ll come back for more. charlene instagram

2 Week Booty Boot Camp

We are building a BOOTYful army of Hip Shakers and we want YOU to come join us. Join NicoleZen and Jessica in 14-days of dance workouts in our most intense program yet. Bring your A game because we are going to workout your lower body like never before. These dance workouts will target your THIGHS, QUADS and HAMSTRINGS plus we added a touch of CORE work. Develop your lower body strength, a stronger core, and most of all a BOOTY that pops.

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