Your summer body is already here so love it and keep it healthy with us, babe. Are you ready for 21 days of dancing, strengthening, nourishing and positivity? Let’s do it, babes!

Body Loving Dance Workouts

Welcome to our 3 week challenge! Before we get going your instructors AshleyNicole, Erica & I want you to know how much we LOVE you! You are strong, you power through and YOU can do anything you set your mind and heart to.  One of the things that sets this community apart is the LOVE we have for each other. We see you supporting each other when times are good and hard. In the same way, we want to give OUR BODIES the love and care it rightfully deserves. Every week, we’ve created a total body workout schedule for you that includes dancing and a strength challenge. I challenge YOU to follow the schedule as much as you can and dance your heart out! Nourishing your body is showing it love. We’ve got 16 recipes and a meal-by-meal guide planned out for you. PLUS, we encourage you to express your love freely to others. Share your love and it comes back a hundred times! I’m excited to see what the next 3 weeks brings.

Why Join?

  • Get a total body dance workout schedule every week
  • Build & strengthen your body through resistance training
  • Learn 14 easy and healthy recipes to incorporate in your own life
  • Grow your love for YOUR body, mind and heart
  • Get accountability and support from other tribe members on the private facebook group
  • The most important reasons is… because YOU chose to LOVE yourself and take care of yourself so you can share your love to others.

Challenge Details:

1. When does the challenge start?

We’re starting on September 21, 2020! This is a 3 week challenge, but we’ll all be doing it together!

2. Do I need to be a member to join?

YES! You can get some of the workouts for free on our YouTube page but most of the workouts you need dance studio access to get it.

3. Do I need equipment?

You will need these for strength training:
  • hand weights
  • booty bands
  • yoga mat
  • chair with backrest
  • optional: knee pads

4. What if I can’t do the workouts or follow the meal plan?

This workout is all about you and loving your body and a big part of that is listening to your body. So I encourage you to do what’s best for YOU. We’re all different and that’s ok. You might do 3 workouts or ALL 6 every week, learn 1 recipe or cook all! Do what challenges you, love!

5. Will there be a prize?

Of course! The member who does the most dance workouts at the end of the challenge will receive:

Here’s to showing our bodies the love they deserve. I can’t wait to get started on this 21 Day challenge with you!

Squats Challenge

Another awesome part of the Total Body Love Challenge is training your muscles with SQUATS. Every week, we’ve incorporated squats in 2 of the 6 workout days. This is important for continuing your muscle training plus we’ve got a handy strength log that comes with the plan so you can keep track of your progress. You can also check out our Dance Inspired Squats on our blog to get motivated!


A big part of the challenge is setting positive affirmations or Mantras that you can start your day with. mantra is a positive message you repeat to yourself to help you achieve a goal or a state of mind. What’s your personal mantra? If you’re having a hard time creating one, check out these 7 Body Positive Affirmations That Empower.

21 Day Total Body Love Challenge Menu

We’ve got a lot of yummy healthy recipes for you like our Shakshuka recipe! Get the full recipe here.

Are you ready for the Total Body Love Challenge?

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