We’ve got a 3 week core workout program to strengthen your mid section. Do you have a hard time giving love to your abs? This program will help focus on our core with fun dance workouts and healthy recipes.
We’ve got 21 days of dancing, core strengthening and nourishing lined up for ya. Plus, we’re letting go of things that no longer serve us. Clothes, food, bad habits... it’s time to let that go babe! core workout program This challenge is designed to define your ABS in a fun, rhythmic and sexy way. For the next 3 weeks we’re focusing on moves that are cardio pumping and majorly core toning. Babe, you are stronger than you think so for this challenge, we want you to feel just how strong you are by sculpting that core. Working on our core will help improve balance, stability and even help alleviate back problems. So dance your way to a toned core with Bollywood AbsStrong and SexyBlissful Barre & Burlesque Burn!

charlene instagramAb Focused Workout Program For You

  • 3 week lifestyle activities to help you cleanse your body, mind and heart
  • Muscle training guide
  • Non-scale victories tracker
  • 15 easy and delish recipes

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