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This challenge is about choosing to love yourself and taking care of yourself so you can stay sane and grounded in these hard times. self love program In this 3 week program, you’ll be able to try classes like Power Heels, Afro Dance & Sculpt and Hustle & Flow. So set aside 15-30 minutes for your workouts and about 5 minutes for journaling. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about exercising and eating healthy, but most importantly, it is about loving yourself for who you are before you even move on to doing anything else. Make the decision to eat healthier, exercise more and live better for yourself – because you love yourself and want to take better care of yourself. not just to lose weight or to look better. charlene instagram

Self Love Program For You

Join us for 21 Days of Unapologetically LOVING OURSELVES!! For the next 21 days, we’re dancing, toning, nourishing and giving our bodies ALL the love it deserves. We’ve got a combination of workouts from Kaleila, Zen, Donesia and Charlene.
  • Get a total body dance workout schedule for 3 weeks
  • Build & strengthen your body through resistance training
  • Learn 15 easy and healthy recipes to incorporate in your daily life
  • Grow your love for your mind, body and heart
  • Get accountability and support from other dance studio members

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We’re your go-to on-demand dance workout studio filled with beginner friendly and fun classes. Plus, we are always available 24/7, 365 days and workout programs you’ll love so you can stay fit on your own schedule! self love fitness

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