The perfect arm toning and cardio workout combination is here thanks to Zen, our Dancehall Jam instructor! Prepare for your arms to shake and your legs to burn. This is a workout you won’t want to miss.

Dancehall Jam Workout

Dancehall Jam is a total body, high energy workouts that creates cardio moves based on life in Jamaica. It’s such a fun dance workouts that sometimes you get lost in the movement and even forget that you’re working out. And that’s a great thing! Zen is our awesome instructor and she is funny, fierce and makes sure that you get a good sweat out of her class. This livestream was shot in our Venice Beach office on May 23, 2018. We had so much fun even though our stream cut out in the middle, but don’t worry, we’ve stitched them together so your workout will not be disturbed ? I hope you sweat as much as we did during this workout. Let’s go, let’s JAM!

Arm Toning Equipment

  • Weights
  • If you don’t have weights, you can use 2 water bottles or canned foods

Dancehall Jam ARM-y Livestream

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Dancehall Jam shoot in DTLA

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