Booty workouts are the new trend! Gone are the days of only toning your arms or legs, we’re all here for a total body burn, but a lot of times the glutes still get left behind. So I make sure that on our platform, we give you different options for booty workouts! And we incorporate them with your favorite dance workouts so you can still get your cardio on, babe!

Why Booty Focused Dance Workouts?

Dance workouts are fun and makes you feel like you’re not “working out” and when you add focus to the glutes, it makes it even better. I’ve been enjoying a lot of booty focused workouts lately and I can tell you from my experience that I’ve started to LOVE my butt even more! I’m so proud of the variety of dance workouts we can offer you and I’m so glad we can all shake our booties to a better health.

1. Standing Booty Workout | Tone N Twerk

I love our Tone N Twerk workout with the booty queen, Nicole Steen because it’s so different and challenging that when you finish the workout you feel such a great sense of achievement. In this 5 minute workout, you get to work your glutes to varieties of squats. My fave would have to be the Lateral Lunges. This move works out your buns real good, but it also helps improve your core and balance.

2. Calf Strengthening Exercise | Strong and Sexy

I know you’re probably confused because this is mainly a calf strengthening exercise, but believe me all these calf raises will get your booty burning too! This is part of our Strong and Sexy workout and it’s only 15 minutes. Ashley is really good at targeting specific areas per workout, but she creates exercises that help improve other parts of the body along the way. My fave move from this workout is the  Calf Raises with the Sumo Squat– it’s a real killer on the legs, but also the booty burn is so real, babes!

3. Capoeira Kicks | Brazilian Warrior Workout

Capoeira is one of the main classes I take outside of the platform and it’s such a good workout that I had to include it in our dance workouts. There are a lot of lunges incorporated with the very basic move, Ginga, which is how you move around in the art of Capoeira. All those lunges means, all that booty! I mean, just look at your instructor, Jessica, she is body goals and the more you do Brazilian Warrior Workouts, the closer you’ll get to that goal. 😉

4. Booty Toning & Twerk Dance | Tone N Twerk

Squats, kicks and twerk dance, oh my! Of course, we have to end this list with another Tone N Twerk with Nicole, she’s the booty queen! You get a whole 30 minute workout with her in my living room. We start with squats that will warm up your glutes and then level up with some kickboxing moves. My fave from the toning portion of the workout has to be the lunge back to a kick. This move really challenges your core while sculpting your booty. But we’re not done yet, you also learn a twerk choreography in this workout!Now you’ve got the tools to shape that booty so go shake it, baby, shake it! And don’t forget to give us a virtual high five on Instagram and use the #hipshaker and tell us how you’re shakin’ it 🍑🙌🏼

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