Don’t forget about your core, babe. I’ve lined up some dance workouts that will target your core and all are under 10 minutes so you can easily add them to your cardio workout.

Core Focused Dance Workouts

Cardio is great, but if you need to target a certain body part like your core, you’ll need a more specific dance workout. So today, let’s focus on our core so our six pack can shine! I know that working on my abs is one of the weaker points in my fitness journey. It helps that our instructors add targeted core moves to their dance workouts so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s important to mix cardio with toning elements because toning your muscles reduces body fat. Just like cardio, it also improves your mental health and helps with weight loss. Another great benefit of muscle toning is to boost your immune system and who doesn’t want that? So why not try a dance workout with a mix of  toning? Maybe it’ll be your new jam! Show off those abs on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

1. 6 Minute Core Circuit

A circuit is a great addition to your cardio workout and believe me, Erica’s toning game is ridiculously good. We’ll go through some ab curls, straddles and hip lifts so your abs can feel the burn. If you like this circuit, you can get the full 30 minute workout when you become a member of our dance studio.

2. Strong & Sexy Dance Workout

This workout with Ashley is all about using dance moves that targets the abs. Notice my arms barely move here because I injured my left arm, but that’s not going to stop me from getting these ab gains! I think my fave move here are the hip circles because they’re so much fun and burns so good.

3. It’s Barre-core

What the tuck? We’re tucking our way to a flatter tummy with Diane and Blissful Barre. In this dance workout, you will learn the basics of tucking— the slight adjustment of your hips, spine and abdominals. The barre tuck not only strengthens your abs, but it also improves your posture.

4. Core Workout On The Floor

Last but not least, an ab workout from Nicole Steen! This is a five minute non-stop ab toning workout and the sweat is going to be REAL here babe. Sit ups and planks are your new BFF’s for the next five minutes. These will target your abs in a hard core way, but your gorgeous bod will thank you later.

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