These booty workouts will have your glutes on fiyah right in your living room! No fancy equipment or gym membership needed. You’ve got the best booty in the West, Nicole Steen, guiding you on your bootylicious quest today. So let’s get started.

Booty Workout

Your butt deserve more credit than it gets because it is one of the most hard working muscle groups in your body. It helps you with everyday activities like walking, shopping or playing sports and it supports you when you’re at work, sitting for hours. Of course, your booty needs all the love and care it deserve and that’s where booty workouts come in. Whether you just finished a round at the gym or need a stretch at work or you’re working out at home, try these moves to engage your gluteus maximus! We’re so lucky to have Nicole Steen on our platform for Tone N Twerk, she is booty GOALS and knows all about a good booty burn. Check out these booty workouts from our Standing Twerk Workout and let me know which move is your favorite. Let’s get bootylicious, babe!

1. Mid Stance Squat

This is a move you can practically do anywhere! It’s super easy yet super effective. Things to remember, keep your weight on your heels and your chest up. This engages your thighs and glutes and the more reps you do, the stronger your get. So keep on squatting, sistah!

2. Squat with Front Kick

This move is a little bit of an extension of the first move. Nicole mixed in a little bit of Kickboxing to our Tone N Twerk workout to bring you this Squat with Front Kick. This move is a lot of fun, especially if you give a little warrior yell every time you kick ? Kick that booty, queen.

3. Squat with Back Lift

Kick off those calories with this fun booty move. Engage that lower glute muscle that you probably didn’t even know was there. You know the area between your booty and thighs? Yea, that’s going to burn and it’s going to get stronger! Who knew toning could be this fun?

4. Lateral Lunges

Here for a tighter booty? This is the move for you! The leg push up you do during these lunges will engage your muscles and help sculpt your glutes. And bonus: you get a core workout with this move as well! When you bring your foot in to your knee, you tighten you core. What a winner! And don’t forget to do the other side ?

No Equipment Booty Workout

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