Hip hop moves can be fierce and sexy and so fun. I think everyone should take a hip hop dance class at least once in their life. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up and learn some new moves too.

Fun And Sexy Hip Hop Moves

Hip hop dance is usually my go to style, but I know it can get repetitive and it can lack a little bit of femininity. Luckily, more and more female instructors are stepping up and showing us how to add in sexiness through hip hop. Hip hop dance is a great way to express yourself, but I want to spice it up a little more. Make it sassier, make it sexier for all kinds of women to enjoy. I know for me, after taking a dance class I always find moves that stick with me and I add it to my repertoire. I use the move on the dance floor but more importantly, I keep the feeling I got when I nailed the move. I’ll go back to that feeling anytime I’m down and it helps lift my spirits. I hope these sexy hip hop moves that I’m sharing with you today make you feel like that amazing queens you truly are. Show off your hip hop moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

1. Hip Whine Move

Let’s start with a little whine action with Kaleila. She’ll breakdown the hip whine move, but my tip is to squat your legs so you can really get those hips moving. If you get confused with the hips, legs and arm movements, take it one at a time and slowly build up from there. Try a heels dance workout today and walk with all the confidence in the world.

2. Leg Lifts

Nothing like a good leg lift to show off those strong and beautiful legs. This move is one you’ll come across a lot of hip hop dance classes, but add a single, single, double count, some sass and you have a fantastic move that you can use with any hip hop song. This is a great move to add to your go to list because it’s easy and a lot of fun.

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3. Booty Shake

Shake your booties up in the air and own your sexiness. Set those wild thoughts free with Ashley’s choreography. I love this move because it works for all types of booties. Stick your booty out and draw a circle with it as fast or as slow as you want. I think the more you squat, the better your booty shakes will feel.

4. Body & Hip Rock

Here’s a choreo with a little bit of Salsa and hip hop combined. You’ll be able to watch the full routine in the beginning and then Mandy will breakdown the full choreography. I love the Body and Hip Rock move that she teaches because it’s so sexy and very edgedy too. Plus this song is my jam and I have to dance every time I hear it.

Learn More Hip Hop Moves At Home

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