Are you tired of the same ol’ cardio dances? Want to shake things up with unique and diverse dance workout videos? You’ve come to the right place!

Cardio Dance Workouts At Home

I’m very lucky to be living in Los Angeles where I can find diverse cardio dance workout classes miles from my area. I know not everyone has access to classes beyond Zumba or hip hop classes so we’re bringing them to you! Cardio dance is one of the most fun type of workout. Dancing in general can boost your mood because it releases endorphins that makes your brain and body happy. Not only do you release these hormones, you also get an emotional release. Through different movements we can let go of all that negative emotions and forget about that bad day we were having. Of course, you’re also increasing your heart rate when you dance so your heart stays healthy too. So what are your options outside of Zumba and hip hop classes? There are so many new and upcoming classes that you have to try. We’ll talk about heels classes to twerking classes that you can all do right at home. What are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get moving! Show off your dance moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love

Power Heels Dance Workout

Add a little spice to your cardio with some heels. Don’t worry babe, you can start with a kitten heel or even a square heel boots to get comfortable in. I love this class because you get an extra leg and core workout just by wearing your heels. Kaleila is also so fun and her moves just make you want to move. If you really want to challenge yourself, slip on those stilettos and slay!

Twerking Classes

One of our most popular class is learning how to twerk. I think there’s something about a twerk workout that releases our inner bad girl, but it also empowers us. It’s a great confidence boosted and an even greater lower body workout. Nicole is total booty goals and I know I get inspired to work harder just by taking her twerk classes.

African Dance Workouts

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Zen will provide the moves and Indigo will provide the beats. You can get a taste of what African dance class is all about with this Afrovibe class. I hope you’re ready for nonstop cardio because in just 5 minutes you will definitely sweat.

Kpop Dance Class

Now let’s travel to the other side of the world and get our Kpop dance on. Kpop is short for Korean Pop and these artists make dancing look so easy. Now you can learn their moves with a lesson from Ally. She’ll break down this beginners routine which you can put over any Kpop song. Get ready to be the own star of your new Kpop music video!

Bollywood Inspired Cardio Dance

Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie and wanted to learn how to move like them? Say no more, we’re bringing Bombay cinema to your house and you’re the star. The best part is, you also get an awesome ab workout because Ashley’s moves target your core during the workout. Plus, lookout for those ab isolations at the end, they’ll make your core tight and so right!

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