The beach is great for many things: sun, sand, hanging out with friends and ab workouts! Might as well get a tan and get six pack abs in one place, right? We’ve got 5 easy ab workouts that you and your beach babes can do thanks to Ashley and her Strong And Sexy workout!

1. Standing Crunches

They’re crunches but while you stand. Make sure you’re squeezing that tummy for an ultimate toning effect!

2. Side Plank Reach Around

For the plank lovers, this move will engage your ab and back muscles and if you can believe it, your glutes too! So much results in such a simple move.

3. Hip Lifts

Every time you have to get up from getting your tan on, do 10 reps of this. Your abs will thank you.

4. Crunch Punch Ups

You don’t have to bring your weights to the beach if you don’t want to. You can also use sunscreen or a water bottle. Get creative while you get abs!

5. Bicycle Twist

After riding your cruiser bike on the boardwalk, take your abs for a ride. You will feel the burn from this move right away and you’ll feel oh so good after.

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