Often, we forget to stay positive within ourselves. We engage in negative self- talk to try to motivate ourselves, but ultimately, its positive counterpart is healthier and more effective. Let positive self-talk take over babe and let your total self-love journey starts today!

Body Positive Mantras

A mantra is a positive message you repeat to yourself. Your mantra can be an intention or a way to help you focus on the things that inspire you. Babe, this is more than just a repeated phrase, it’s here to help you achieve a goal. There are many benefits to chanting a mantra daily like drowning those negative voices in your head. When you stay positive, your body and mind stays happy. Plus, it’s free and it’s an easy way to manage your thoughts and put yourself in a better state of mind. Mantra’s are a big part of our Total Body Love Challenge that’s going on now. You get to decide your own mantra and practice chanting it for a week. Our goal is for you to enrich your mind and heart through words of affirmation. You can get more details about the challenge HERE. If you’re having trouble finding a mantra, I’ve compiled some of my faves below. Plus, you can download it too! Click on your fave mantra and share it on Instagram and use #hipshaker so we can give you love.

1. One with the universe

2. The universe in ecstatic motion

3. Love pours

4. Attractive energy

5. I am the flow

6. Open heart

7. 3 B’s


Our Total Body Love Challenge has ended but we got so much positive affirmations and inspiration from our members that we decided to add their mantras in this blog post. Here are 2 mantras from our members that we love!

8. I can.

This mantra came from our member, Heather. She is a teacher and she put this very mantra on an inspiration wall at school where here students can also write their mantras.

9. I’m active

We got this awesome mantra from our member, Irene from Rome! She’s been part of our dance tribe for almost a year and her fave workout is Strong and Sexy 10 Total Body Burn.

Total Body Love Challenge

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