We’ve got another mini challenge this summer and we’re taming that sweet tooth. Summer is here and you don’t need that added sugar babes, you’re sweet enough!

Sugar Free Summer

I’m so excited to do the 7 Day Sugar Free Summer Challenge with you babe! 7 days of no sugar? Yeah, you can do that! Before we get started, your instructor (Nicole) and I want you to know that you are supported and surrounded by a tribe of women that are here to lift you up when you need it!

We’re curbing our sweet tooth to the side and focusing on foods that are sweet enough, just like you. Cutting back on sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health. It helps you reduce inflammation, lose weight and lowers your risk of diseases. Dance workouts are a really fun way to burn fat and build muscles but a good nutrition will make sure that your hard work is revealed! Eliminating sugar from your diet is one of the easiest way to reset and get on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

You game? It’s only 7 days, you got this! Don’t forget to check in and let us know that you’re in using #hsfsugarfree on instagram so we can give you some love.

Why Join?

  • Daily flirty dance workouts with Nicole Steen
  • Build muscle through resistance training
  • Learn 12 easy and healthy recipes to incorporate in your own life
  • Get fit with supportive girl friends
  • Win cool prizes

1. When does the challenge start?

We’re starting on Monday July 15, 2019! This is a 7 day challenge, so it’ll go by quick.

2. Do I need to be a member to join?

Not at all! Anyone can join the challenge so tell all your best babes to sign up with you.

3. Do I need equipment?

You will need these for strength training:

4. What if I can’t do the workouts or follow the meal plan?

The 7 Day Sugar Free Summer Challenge is all about you and listening to your body is a big part of that. So I encourage you to do what’s best for YOU babe. You might do 2 dance workouts or ALL 6, maybe learn 4 recipe or cook them ALL! You do you, boo and that’s what it’s all about

5. Will there be a prize?

YES! 3 babes will get a chance to win a box of SuperFat Nut Butter each and a 3 months dance studio subscription!

Challenge Sneak Peek

The Workouts

The sweetest instructor is on deck to help you tone and sculpt that beautiful body of yours. Nicole Steen, the booty queen, will motivate you with her twerk dance and flirty hip hop dance moves.

Yes and No Foods

We compiled a list of foods that have no added sugars like blueberries, avocado and brown rice that you can eat during the challenge week. Take a screenshot or keep the PDF handy on your phone when shopping or eating out during the challenge. It’s easier to keep track of what you put in your body when you have a list!

7 Day Sugar Free Summer Challenge Menu

Of course, we can’t forget the super yummy and healthy menu that’s part of our challenge. One of the twelve recipes you’ll get is our Low Carb Nacho Chip recipe. It’s so good with guac or by itself. Get the full recipe HERE.

Take a peek at the full menu

Join now for FREE

You don’t have to be a member of our dance studio to access the plan! So tell all your best babes to join so you can be sugar-free together.