We’re so grateful to be surrounded by STRONG women and sometimes we try so hard to be THAT strong woman, but we feel stuck or unmotivated. Don’t worry! That’s ok, life happens and that’s why I decided to collaborate with Tammy Chang, a nutrition coach from the Bay Area, and create 7 days of dance workouts plus metabolism boosting meals!

I’m headed to the grocery store… how much of everything do I need?

We created the grocery list for 1 person but if you are going to kickstart with a loved one, double up the items in the list. Feel free to substitute ingredients as needed!

There’s a lot more fat in the recipes than I expected, I thought fats were bad?

Fats help absorb nutrients, trigger satiety, and just taste darn good. The Nourished Belly philosophy recommends fats especially ghee, coconut oil, butter, avocados and flax oil!

Can I have coffee?

YES! We recommend iced coffee or espresso with a splash of unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Try cutting your normal caffeine consumption in half this week. If you normally have just a cup, try swapping for some green tea instead.

What equipment is needed?

Grab a yoga mat, hand weights and a chair with back. For dance studio members, you’re gonna need booty bands (my fave HERE) as well!

How much time is needed?

Reserve about 30 minutes of the day for working out. This is YOUR time. Make it count! Don’t worry it’s only 7 days. How much space is needed? Usually the size of 2 yoga mats is a pretty good sized space. Check out my bog on setting up your dance studio at home.

I have a hard time staying accountable. Can you help me?

Sometimes it’s easier to hold yourself accountable when you write down your intentions for other people to see. Join our Dance Community on FACEBOOK to be part of our supportive dance tribe. Give kudos to other women on the same journey as you.

7 Day Kickstart Challenge

We are so excited to collaborate for this 7 Day Kickstart Challenge to help give you the extra push you need to live a healthier life through dance and proper nutrition.

Why Should I Join?

✓Eat delicious, healthy and filling meals

✓Give your metabolism a good kick

✓Dance classes from LA’s top instructors

✓Get FIT with friends (everyone can join)

Everyone gets access to 2 premium workouts from our dance studio

Dance Studio Members can access the 7 total dance workouts

✓You deserve to be your best self

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