Afrovibe™ is a fun cardio toning workout and my new favorite dance class. I’m reviewing our level 1 Afrovibe™ class which focuses on toning the arms and getting the basic groove of the class.

What Is Afrovibe™?

Afrovibe™ is a unique dance workout that engages all the muscles with every move. The moves revolve around squats, standing strength and a few conditioning choreography that really tie in together. This workout burns a lot of calories, but you don’t even notice it because you have so much fun dancing.

Dance Workout Highlights

There’s a lot of dance workouts that focuses on legs and only legs, what I appreciate about Afrovibe™ is that it incorporates all parts of the body to the movement which not only challenges your physicality, but also your mind. For me, some of the arm movements threw me off because my arms would not cooperate. For example, when Zen, the instructor, would go to tempo and my arms had to do a windmill motion behind me, sometimes it doesn’t go as fast as I want them to go. I just kept trying and as the workout continued, my arms got the hang of it. My favorite move of the workout is when we brought our knees in and sort of rowed with our arms. It such an easy move but you feel your whole body work. I think that’s what I love about Afrovibe™, the moves are really not complicated, but you do feel like you worked out harder.

Grace, Zen, and Darrell

Tone It Up

Speaking of arms, my weakest link is my little ol’ arms. Lucky for me, Zen prepared a heaping dose of arm toning exercises for level 1 of Afrovibe™. She will make you WORK. Arm rolls for days and days and you will get strong. I definitely appreciate that even the backup dancers were struggling with me to keep their arms up. It’s not easy, but we all got through it with stronger arms. I think my favorite arm toning workout would be the Square Arms because it looks harmless, but it actually works on your arm and a little bit of your shoulder.


I really enjoyed Afrovibe™ because it’s such a different kind of class. It’s not super technical, but you do work hard. With Zen and the dancers, they do make you feel like you’re having more fun than working out. They make you laugh and feel very comfortable with the dance. I would definitely recommend Afrovibe™ to anyone who wants to get a total body workout through dance.

Afrovibe™ Dance Workout

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