At home fitness is convenient, private & a lot of fun. This list is from personal experience and may or may not relate to you. I live in a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and my dog and they can either help or hinder my attitude towards getting the best workout at home. There are also temptations at home like the couch, the fridge, the bed, etc. and we’ll talk about those as well.

At home fitness Do’s

Motivate yourself

No one else will do it for you. Believe me. So do what you love to do. For me, it’s dancing. I can dance for HOURS and not get tired. I tried running and that lasted for about 4 days. Working out should be fun and never forced.
Working out should be fun and never forced.

Moving furniture

Luckily, I have hardwood floors. Sliders are a great investment so you can have more room to dance! Look on the brightside, you can add it to your workout routine as well.

Get creative with your “athletic wear”

Your outfit can be as loud as you want when you workout at home. If you want to workout in a ball gown, go ahead! If you want to workout in your undies, go ahead! It’s your time, it’s your home, own it. Fitness outfits


Always stretch before a workout. Always.


Slay! (most important)

The dance floor is yours. Let your inner Beyonce out and slay those calories away!

At home fitness Dont’s

What fridge?

No matter how much you want that leftover cheesecake in your fridge, do not pause your workout and take a little break. There is no fridge while you’re working out. And there’s no such thing as a little break.
There is no fridge while you’re working out. And there’s no such thing as a little break.

Lazy girl workout

It’s easy to walk away from a workout when you’re in the comfort of your home, but if you set a specific time for your workout there’s a better chance that you will get it done. Sometimes all you want to do is lay in bed so use that as a reward AFTER you workout.

TV listings

This is very specific to me. Do not turn the TV on and put it on mute because your favorite sports team is playing. Yeah, I did it. And I ended up stopping my workout and grabbing a slice of pizza and watching the rest of the game instead. #epicfail

Please turn off your phone

Cell phones have consumed the planet. For your workout time, put it on silent mode. Make the conscious effort of not reaching for it every five minutes. You’ll get it back after, I promise.

Bonusdog emoji

For pet parents

If your pet is anything like mine, they will try to “workout” with you. This means that they will bring you a bunch of toys while you stretch and try to get as close to your legs as possible while you’re dancing. Just be aware of where they are and don’t worry about their judgmental stares. They’ll get used to your awesome dance moves… eventually.

Short time-lapse of my Flirty Hip Hop Dance Workout featuring my dog, Bowie

Add your own do’s and don’ts in the comments below and have a great workout!