Babe, have you exercised your back lately? It’s easy to ignore since you can’t see it, but it’s so important to workout your back muscles. Grab a resistance band and put a smile on your face because we’re going for a back attack!

Back Exercises For Women

Back exercises should be part of your workout routine because neglecting your back can have side effects to your whole body. When you workout your back, you can lessen shoulder and neck pains. Who doesn’t want that? Another awesome benefit of back exercises is you become a super-functioning human being. How? You may ask. Since you already workout all your fronts, you experience muscular balance when you workout your back muscles. Werk for that muscular equality babe! Now you may be asking, how do I workout my back? Is it easy? You came to the right place. We’ve got a Strong and Sexy workout that will ease you into a powerful back. You’ll only need a resistance band and the guidance of Ashley, so buckle up and get down with our back exercises.

Straight Arm Pull

Let’s start with an easy move, Straight Arm Pulls. Put bands around both arms and reach forward. Then pull your arms apart to the sides, back together and repeat. The challenge for this move is keeping your arms straight. When you bend it, you only cheat yourself.

Single Arm Pull

Girl, this one’s a killah! For each arm, keep one straight up and then pull down the other arm. My goodness, I honestly think this is hard for both arms and you really feel this on your upper and mid back. Not only do you work on that goddess back of yours, but you get some killer arms in the process too.

Single Arm Row

Your shoulder blades will thank you after these reps. So picture you’re on a boat sailing to strong back island. You gotta row to get to that island, babe. Step on that resistance bands and pull! The key for this move is to keep your elbow in a 90 degree angle when you pull. Go babe, get to strong back island.

5 Minute Back Exercise With Resistance Bands

Your Strong and Sexy back is 5 minutes away, babe. Don’t have a resistance bands? Buy my fave HERE. Access the full 15 minute workout when you sign up to be a dance studio member.

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