Upper body toning is one of the harder things to accomplish in a fitness goal. Barre arm exercises are great because it moves the whole body but focuses on the upper body.

Barre Arms Exercises For Days

Who needs to work on their arms? ??‍♀️??‍♀️It’s so hard to tone the upper body and most of the time, the way to do it is not fun! This is where barre arm exercise can help, especially seeing Diane’s arms, oh girl, it’s so inspiring!

Look at those toned beauties ??Diane gives the phrase “arm candy” a whole new meaning and it’s all thanks to barre. Did you know that keeping a strong upper body improves your flexibility and range of motion? You do so much with your arms every day– lifting, pulling, reaching, these are activities that your upper body controls. Your upper body has so many muscle groups from your hands to your shoulders and keeping them strong and active will help you on the daily. Barre arm exercises are so good because it’s toning combined with dancing and everything is better with dancing! We’d love to see all you barre babes on instagram! Use #hipshaker and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Barre Arm Exercises At Home

You don’t need to hit up your studio to get access to barre arm workout. I’ve compiled some of the best and ?workouts on youtube. Grab your weights, long resistance bands and a towel and let’s get that arm strength!

Easy Upper Body Barre Exercise

In this barre arm exercise, you don’t even have to move your feet at all! I promise you, you’re still going to sweat because of one word: pulses. Pulsing the moves burn so good that you won’t want to move anyway. Try it out and I challenge you to increase your weight the next time you do this workout again.

10 Minute Barre Arm Exercise

Omg Jacqueline, thank goodness she has a smile on her face the whole way through because that kept me pushing. This is a really good barre arm exercise to add to any cardio workout. It’s 10 minutes and it’s non-stop work that you’ll thank her for later. When your arms start shaking, that’s when you know you’re doing something right!

Barre Arm Exercise With Long Bands

Ooh long bands time! This is a step up from regular resistance bands because you get to use your whole body as your workout machine. They’re super portable and you don’t need a lot of space to workout with these bands too. This barre arm workout targets the biceps and the triceps and you’ll be sore the next day for sure.

Easy 5 Minute Barre Arm Exercise With Weights

Amy doesn’t even need any intro, she just starts working out and I respect that. My favorite move from this 5 minute barre arm exercise is the scooping forward motion. You do that a couple of times are you really feel it in the underside of your arms. It’s really good for those pesky under arm flaps we all hate.

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