Want to learn how to twerk without leaving your house? You came to the right place! We’ve got the online tools that you’ll need to learn how to twerk.

Learn How To Twerk Today

Babe, you don’t have to wait to learn how to twerk. I love how accessible these videos are so you can dance on your own schedule just the way it should be.

Twerking is such a great tool to have on your dance belt because it works on your glutes, your thighs, calves and your lower back. The videos I compiled below are awesome for beginners because these instructors are really good at breaking down each individual moves for you to learn. Watch for how they move their lower backs because believe it or not, your back has a big part in twerking. I’m so excited for you to try your first how to twerk lesson babe!

Get more twerk tutorials when you join our virtual dance studio and show off your twerk moves babe on instagram. Make sure you use #hipshaker and tag us @hipshakefitness so we can give your booty some love ?

Easy How To Twerk Tutorials

Are you ready to learn how to twerk? Check out these videos and get your twerk on at home!

Twerk Basics With Neesh

This video is a very very basic breakdown of what a twerk is. Neesh teaches you the idea of how to pop your booty correctly. She starts with the correct stance and goes into the main booty pop. Once you master this, you can go on to the next twerk video.

How to twerk for beginners with Nicole

In this how to twerk video, you will learn the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk and Booty Pop Back Twerk. These are three basic twerk moves that you can add your own flavor to or keep it basic and you’ll still feel sore after. Nicole shows you what you should look like when you’re twerking so emulate her and don’t be afraid to jiggle!

Total Body Twerk Workout

You will not only learn how to twerk with this video, but you will also learn how to tone your booty. Grab some weights and get a total body workout with Lunges and Squats then loosen up with a fun twerk choreography. I love that Nicole incorporates the Harlem Shake into the choreography, we like to keep it fun here.

Twerk With No Butt With Ashley Deshaun

I love that she breaks down how to jiggle with or without a big booty. It is possible, you CAN twerk! These girls go through a few basic moves that you and I might not know how to do. I love girl friends that have fun with twerk dance because that’s what twerking is all about, having fun!

How To Twerk Tutorials Online Anytime, Anywhere

Want to up your twerk game? Tone N Twerk with Nicole Steen starts with a toning workout that lifts and sculpts your glutes.Afterwards, loosen up with a fun and sexy twerk tutorial. The workouts are 15-30 minutes long so you really work that booty babe. Access all our twerk videos and learn how to twerk anytime, anywhere when you join our online dance studio today.

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