Nothing but good vibes with Afrovibe™! We were back at the Beat Box Studios for another set of dance workout shoots. We’re so stoked to partner up with Afrovibe™ and Zen to bring you this unique fitness experience.

What is Afrovibe™?

Afrovibe™ is an Afrocentric dance workout that focuses on standing strength and squats. This movement was started by two amazing dancers— Doris Martel and Maryam Kaba. We’re so lucky to have one of the few instructors here in the United State and she happens to be your Dancehall Jam instructor, Zen!

We Love Our Dancers

Grace, Zen & Darrell

We have the best dancers in the planet. Our returning dancers for this series are Grace and Darrell who you’ve danced with in Dancehall Jam. They both sure can dance, but they’re also super charming on and off camera. You’ll see from the photos below that this dance workout is so much fun. When you take our Afrovibe™ class, you’ll experience the high energy and intensity of the class and of our dancers. They all work so well together and we couldn’t have asked for a better team!

Live Drummer

One of my favorite parts about our Afrovibe™ series is the live drumming. It’s one thing to dance to tracks and that’s fine, but there’s just something about live music that makes it better. We had the talented Indigo drum for us. She had worked with Zen before which helped tremendously because they already had a groove set for one another. I love working with my fellow women and I love getting inspired by talented ones. Indigo is definitely a very talented and down to earth person. She makes drumming look so chill and easy.

Dancers pose with our drummer, Indigo

Afrovibe™ Dance Workout

Level 3 of Afrovibe™

You love to dance, we love to dance. Come vibe with us and try all our dance workouts for 15 days free!