One of the best thing to come out of the 90’s is TLC… T-Boz, Chilli, Left Eye. They wore loud outfits, had their own style and were the original independent ladies. I was so excited when I found out that our next Old School Hip Hop dance choreography will be Creep!

Old School Cool

I’ve always been a big fan of Old School Hip Hop. When I’m feeling a little down, I just put on some Old School music like TLC or Biggie or Kriss Kross and in a matter of seconds, I start to feel like myself again. So everything about this hip hop dance moves made sense to me. I started thinking about our outfits and coordinated with Ashley and then we were on our way!

Hip Hop, Break It Down

I’ll give you my top 3 old school hip hop dance steps that I love from the Creep dance choreography and let’s compare. My first one would have to be the Reebok— legs and hips twist with your arms pumping up and down. This one is a classic move that I definitely use in real life. It’s so versatile because when you put your own style to it, it can become a completely different move. My second one would have to be the Body Roll with the knee in. People don’t realize how difficult the body roll can actually be and then add in a leg movement with that, it takes a lot of coordination. It’s just such a groovy move that I love getting into. Lastly, the Kick Out. What I love about this move is the strength and balance that comes with it. Especially when doing the double kicks, you really need to have a good hold on your balance or else you’ll fall.

Body Roll with the Knee In Action

Old School Hip Hop Fam

Trina and Ashley

My favorite thing about our Creep dance workout is that our instructor, Ashley and dancer, Trina are sisters! I’ve always believed that sisters who dance together have the best relationships. I was excited to be able to share the stage with the two of them and be able to work with my own sister, Charlene— Hip Shake Fitness founder. Sisters rule!
I’ve always believed that sisters who dance together have the best relationships.

Creep Dance Workout

Learn all the steps and give me your top 3 Old School Hip Hop moves!

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