We get 10 hours to shoot 9 dance workouts in downtown Los Angeles. Take a little peek at our shoot day with Charlene and the crew. This is how your favorite fitness dance videos are made… lights, camera, action!

We Love LA

Shot on August 13, 2017 at the beautiful Astroetic Studios in downtown Los Angeles. We’ve been filming here the last year and have loved the look and feel of our videos.

Shoot Challenges

There’s no such thing as a flawless shoot day, ask anybody. Something always goes wrong and you just have to be ready and adapt! And we’re so lucky to have a crew that’s so flexible and so easy to work with. For example, even before we got started, we found out that we were missing one of our camera lenses so our wonderful director, Paul, looked for a place to get a new one and drove right before the shoot. Of course, that pushed all our schedules back, but we all made it work. TEAMWORK!!

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Behind The Scenes

Dance Workouts Coming Soon

More Strong And Sexy and Flirty Hip Hop coming your way! Check them out and the rest of our dance workouts and get your free trial today.