You’ve read our Kpop class review, you’ve watched the class video and you’ve seen the pictures. I’m so stoked to be part of this new dance style we’re offering on Hip Shake Fitness. Kpop Dance Party is a fun and sassy fitness class that incorporates hip hop and jazz moves to Kpop music. We had such a blast filming this series and we seriously cannot wait to unleash it to the world!

Our Baddie Ally

ally-kpop-dance-party-baddie We’re so lucky to bring in the super talented Ally Vega and her Kpop dream land to Hip Shake Fitness. She’s spunky and a go getter— our kind of people! She also brought in our two dancers; Mari and Christina. These two are pro cosplayers and were so fun to work with and definitely easy going.


The first video we shot was the dance tutorial to Black Pink’s Boombayah for our YouTube page. We got the choreography from Ally a few days before the shoot and I’ll tell you now, that song will get stuck in your head for a while. Best part is, you’ll have dance moves to match with your last song syndrome! The move that stood out for me the most is the hip and arms combo because I had a hard time keeping up with it when I was rehearsing on my own. I couldn’t get the timing right, but as soon as we practiced on site, I started to look forward to doing that move. Check out the song below and subscribe to our YouTube or Facebook page to see the tutorial first.

Outfits for Kpop Dance Party

Ally and I collaborated on the outfits for the shoot. We really wanted to get that girly hip hop vibe so we decided on loose tops and fitted pants. What I like about Kpop culture is that they’re very adventurous when it comes to fashion. We brought in tons of flannels and baggy long sleeves, but we didn’t account for how sweaty we’d get from all the dancing. So last minute we scrapped the long sleeves and used airy tanks with bra tops which worked really well. kpop-dance-party-outfit

Dance Workout

I was so excited to be part of the Kpop Dance Party Krew. I was ready to get a good workout and I didn’t expect to sweat as much as I did. It wasn’t just because we had lights for production, but a lot of the movements that Ally taught needed the attention of my whole body. One particular move that got everyone sore was the Starfish. You jump from one foot to the other while your arms pushes and pull. It took a lot of energy and endurance to finish the dance workouts and I’m glad I didn’t back down.

Kpop Dance Party

Join Ally and the Kpop Dance Krew in this non stop cardio kpop dance workout. You’ll come out sweaty and ready to take on anything! Kpop Dance Party is another unique series of online dance workouts provided by Hip Shake Fitness. Subscribe today and get a 15 day free trial!