My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like. I know you sang that in your head because that song is so good and so catchy and we just HAD to make a dance choreography for it with our Booty Queen, Nicole!

Milkshake Dance Choreography

Be My Valentine

It was perfect that we released Tone N Twerk during the month of LOVE. We had to make sure to include a sexy twerkdance for everyone to enjoy. I was personally excited to have a twerking dance workout in our platform because I’ve always been so intimidated to go and take a twerk class in public. And now we all can learn how to twerk at home! Thanks Nicole!

Twerk It

Red was a no brainer for the outfits and since it’s a twerkdance, we opted for booty shorts to show off our dancers assets. I didn’t dance to this one, but I definitely tried it at home. It’s so much fun even if you’ve never twerked before!

Filming the Dance

The girls and the crew had the best time filming. We rehearsed a few times and filmed it with no problem. I helped with the script that you hear in the beginning. It’s always fun to get creative and a little cheesy with these types of video content. And everyone loves a butt slap!

My Milkshake

Unfortunately, it’s not real milkshake in the beginning. It was actually strawberry milk but with real whipped cream! We had to make a compromise since it had to withstand just sitting there for a good half hour.

Tone N Twerk

If our Milkshake peaked your interest about twerking, don’t be shy. Check out Tone N Twerk and all of our other dance workouts. Subscribe today and get 15 days free! Let’s twerk it.