Have you ever tried African dance? It’s non stop movement and non stop sweat. If you’ve wanted to try African dance, but can’t find a dance class near you… fear not, I’ve compiled the best African dance tutorials on YouTube ??Now you can try it at home and experience the fun for yourself.

African Dance

When I hear that drum beat, my feet are ready to move and they keep moving until I’m drenched with sweat! African dance is jumping, waving, squats, levels, small and big movements and it’s so fun. When you take an African dance class, you allow yourself to release. You release positivity with the movements, you release tension from your body and you just become vulnerable. It’s a wonderful experience, but we’re not all lucky to have diverse dance classes close by right? Luckily, YouTube is an awesome resource for dance classes nowadays. You can take classes you’ve never tried before right at home. And I’m excited to show you African dance because I know you’ll love it! Check out these videos below and immerse yourself in African dance and let me know what your fave move is in the comments.

1. African Dance: Dancing On The Clock

Let’s start slow and easy shall we? The Kennedy Center’s 5 ish minute intro to African dance is perfect for beginners just to get the groove of this dance style. Rujeko, your instructor teaches you how to use the clock in relation to African dance moves. She’s got great energy and the moves are easy to learn.

2. 5 Minute Beginner Afrovibe

I love our Afrovibe workout with Zen. This is a 5 minute sample of level 1 and believe me, she will still make you sweat. You get to workout your arms and legs on this one because Zen focuses on squats with different levels and variations. I also love our drummer Indigo. Her beats are ??

3. Afrobeat Dance Tutorials with Sherrie Silver

Now we’re in more of a choreography territory. I think Sherrie’s video is a great way to start because she really breaks down these moves. My fave from this choreography is the foot shimmy. It’s so fun to do and it’s a bit challenging to balance yourself on one leg while you move to the side. Try it out.

4. Beginners Afrobeat with IsaWelly

Here’s another awesome choreography breakdown that will give you life! Isa’s moves are so smooth and she add a little bit of twerk at the end too and you know I can’t say no to twerking ? She breaks down every move in this dance and the best part is, if you didn’t get it, click the replay button and try again??

5. Afrovibe Shake Body

If you’re just ready to jump into a choreography then our Shake Body dance workout is perfect for you! Zen created this non-stop choreography that’s heart pumping and high energy. The sequence of moves repeat so by the end of the song, you will master these African dance moves. And of course, you’ll want to hit that replay button again and again.

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