Halloween is here and what better way to celebrate this awesome holiday than with DANCE. I’ve compiled the best Halloween dance choreography videos on Youtube so you don’t have to. A combination of fitness dance and great halloween themed songs will surely spook those calories away!

Mash That Warm Up

An all time classic, Monster Mash, is the perfect song to start this Halloween fitness journey. Karina makes it very simple to follow along and her facial expressions are on point!

Let’s Do The Time Warp

Who doesn’t know the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show? I watch it every year! Talia keeps the spirit of Frankfurter alive with her high energy Zumba version of the Time Warp! She also sticks to some of the choreo from the movie and that’s what makes it so good!

Let Your She Wolf Out

There’s a she wolf in disguise and she’s coming out! Let Zen help you release your inner wolf diva with some Dancehall Jam. Improve your standing strength and get a great cardio workout all in one while jammin’ out to Shakira! Let your hips show the way to a fun workout. Wolf ears optional.

Thriller with Fitness Marshall

Of course, Halloween equals Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Always. That is a staple and I’m so glad that Fitness Marshall created this dance choreography. He steers clear of the typical Thriller music video choreo, but doesn’t shy away from the MJ classics. And as always, he makes these moves so relatable and funny!

Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters! Best way to end a workout and possibly getting a song stuck in your head is cooling down to Ray Parker Jr.’s most popular hit. Jessica cools down every part of your body and makes it so much fun.

More Choreography All Year Long

We’ve got more dance choreography that you can dance to all year long. Dance workouts are a great way to stay fit without feeling like you’re working out. We’ve got 100’s of workouts to choose from and a free trial waiting for you!