Are you having a bad day? Or just in need of some cheering up? We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite inspirational dance videos that always puts a smile on our faces! We’ll count them down from a smirk to a full on tears of joy.

5. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Angela Trimbur is an actress, dancer and comedian that one day felt like dancing at LAX to welcome people back from vacation. Her carefree demeanor and rockin’ dance moves will surely perk up your day and make you want to get up and dance.

4. Why I Dance

This video gives us all the right reasons to dance. It gives the viewer a glimpse of the dance community and what it means to the dancers in this video. The collaboration and togetherness will make your heart swell just a little bit.

3. Where the hell is Matt? 2008

This is the second installment of Matt’s videos of him dancing around the world. It’s great to see a silly little dance move bring so many people together.

2. Paddy & Niko – Electric Ballroom

These talent shows have a bunch of inspirational stories which is why we get so invested in them. Paddy is no exception. Her husband passed away and instead of wasting her energy being sad, she focused it on Salsa dancing. Watch this if you want a giant grin on your face after!

However old you are you can still be spectacular.

1. Chelsie Hill- Taking a dance class

Don’t ever let anything stop you from doing what you love. Chelsie Hill is a role model and an amazing dancer. She also teaches a dance class and posts tutorials on her YouTube page. Her energy & passion for dance makes this video our number 1 inspiration.

Now that you’re inspired, go out there and dance!