One of the most versatile and fun dance is Old School Hip Hop. Everyone gets into it and you can use it in the club, the gym, the car or right at home. I’ve compiled the 5 best Old School Hip Hop moves that you can pull out of your pockets at a party or at a wedding or in the middle of the mall that will surely make you a dance star!

5. The Running Man

Let’s start with a classic. The Running Man is a staple when it comes to Old School Hip Hop. You can bust this move anytime and I assure you, people will join. It’s like an Old School high five but with your feet.

4. The Fila

The Fila is an underrated dance move that enhances the Cabbage Patch with a kick. This is definitely a fun dance to do with a friend while going in opposite directions. old-school-hip-hop-15-day-trial-ad 

3. The Reebok

This move goes with literally any Old School Hip Hop song, fast and slow.  So don’t be afraid to use it. The best part about the Reebok is that it’s easy to do and you can add your personal flair to it.

2. The Biz Markie

Biz Markie is the genius behind the song Just A Friend and yes, he also has a dance. This is a very social type of dance because of it’s swagger based style. So the sillier you can make it, the better it becomes.

1. The Wop

Finally, to cap off our Old School Hip Hop moves list, let’s learn the Wop. You want to be the absolute best dancer in your circle, do the Wop. The more committed you are to this dance, the more incredible it becomes. It’s a classic, it’s fun… it’s the wop.

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