Is old school hip hop your favorite genre to dance to? It’s mine too! And I’ve compiled a list of the best old school hip hop songs for your dance workouts. Get ready to dance to Montell Jordan, Luniz, Salt N Pepa and many more.

No Diggity by Blackstreet

No doubt that the first song that popped into my head was this classic by Blackstreet. This song definitely gets butts off seats and into the dance floor. The beat is so groovy and so infectious that you have to dance when it comes on!

I Got 5 On It by Luniz

Here’s a great song to dance to for beginners. It’s edgy but it’s slow so you can groove out at your own pace. This is also a great warm up song to get you in the mood for some old school hip hop.

Push It by Salt N Pepa

I mean, this was a no brainer. These ladies can dance, rap and make it look so easy. This song is also a favorite in dance studios because they know that it will get everyone dancing. Let’s be honest, this is a favorite in my own house too!

Rump Shaker by Wreckx-N-Effect

Dancing is all about shaking your rump and Wreckx-N-Effect perfected the equation with their song Rump Shaker. I find myself trying to sing this song (and no I don’t know the lyrics) but I always end up just closing my mouth and dancing really hard. And how could you not?

This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan

Right when you hear him sing those first lines– This is how we do it, you either start dancing or you get off your seat and start dancing. It’s the rule of the land and this is one party anthem that has stand the test of time. Weddings, house parties, dog parties, wherever you may be, this song is a winner! Try this hip hop choreography and groove to one of the most classic old school hip hop song.

Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team

Say it with me “Whoomp there it is!” What is it? Your dance moves, that’s what. Can you believe that this song is almost 25 years old. Well either way, young and old still dance to this song and that’s all that matters.

Tootsee Roll by 69 Boyz

Last but not least, Tootsee Roll. The tootsee roll move may only involve the hips but this song will have your whole body rolling! It combines a little bit of line dancing with freestyle grooves that everyone can enjoy!

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