I love watching a sizzling sexy hip hop dance choreography on YouTube and then learning it for myself. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I want to switch up my fitness routine. Hip hop dance is awesome especially when you pair it with toning, you really sweat and feel good after.

Sexy Hip Hop Dance

Why do I love sexy hip hop dance? There are so many reasons! It’s fun, it gets your body moving and it’s a great workout. I love the variety of moves that hip hop dance has to offer, from body rolls to leg kicks to the running man, you can’t get bored. Also, I love the music. I grew up listening to hip hop, started from old school hip hop to mainstream, hip hop has such great beats that your body would HAVE to move to it. It’s a great total body workout because the moves involve not only your lower body, but there’s a lot of arm movements as well. To get you started, I’ve compiled some of the best sexy hip hop dance choreographies I’ve danced to on YouTube. They’re short, simple, effective and of course super fun!Let me know which hip hop dance video is your favorite on the comments below šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

Strip That Down | Flirty Hip Hop

Liam Payne of One Direction has grown up and this jam is so fun to dance too especially when it’s Flirty Hip Hop. Nicole and the girls are giving all kinds of sass and ‘tude with this choreography.

Work | JJ Dancer

Oh this is such a fun choreography PLUS they even have low modifications. JJ Dancer breaks it down real slow and them puts it all together. I mean, when I hear a Lil Jon song, I HAVE to dance!

Creep | Old School Hip Hop

TLC in the house! Ashley’s choreography to Creep is both mesmerizing and groovy. She really takes us back to the old school hip hop days of Butterfly and Cross Steps. I feel like I’m in the music video when I do this choreo.

Beychella | Fit Body By Ashley

Ashley is our hip hop QUEEN so we have to give her a shoutout because her Beychella workout is a MUST. Who can forget Beyonce’s appearance in Coachella? We all watched! Now go through her set list and get your fit body with Ashley!

Swalla | Tone N Twerk

I know it say twerk, but trust me, this has hip hop moves in between each twerk šŸ˜‰. Nicole knows how to pop that bootay and you will too with this bootylicious choreography. You’re going to see twerk in a whole new light after this one.

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