Twerking is a tricky subject and I want to address that EVERYBODY can twerk! Big butt, little butt, no butt… you didn’t get to choose what you’re momma gets to give you so go shake it!

Tone N Twerk 101

The first time we launched Tone N Twerk, there were a lot of people talking about how some of us didn’t know how to twerk correctly. We’re just having fun and taking a twerk class with Nicole. Our main goal is to share this class with everyone and teach the world another form of dance workout.

I’m A Twerk Star

Ever since I started Tone N Twerk, I’ve become more confident about my body and my booty. I’ve owned how I twerk and with Nicole’s guidance, I’ve finally realized that I CAN twerk. The important part is that I feel good and I get my workout in. I walk a little taller and twerk a little harder now!  

Unleash your feminine expression by learning to dance! We’ve got online dance classes that empower women on our virtual dance studio. Tone N Twerk is a class starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes and ends with a fun twerk dance.  Get a FREE Trial Today! JOIN HERE.

For The Twerk Haters

You can learn how to twerk too!

Equipment we LOVE

Booty Bands

Tone N Twerk with Nicole Steen

Want to get your twerk on? Our girl, Nicole has got you covered. We’ve got Tone N Twerk and a few booty programs that’s got your name on it! Get on it, girl, you’ll be a twerk star too.