Looking for the best twerk tutorials in 2019? Look no further because we’ve got the best booty shaker is the business, Nicole Steen. Not only is she #bootygoals, but her classes are the most fun you’ll have on the dance floor too!

The Best Twerk Tutorials

There’s so many twerk tutorials on YouTube nowadays, how do you know which one will really work for you? A great twerk tutorial has an energetic instructor, will make you sweat and will sculpt your booty too. When I started taking twerk classes I didn’t know how much of a cardio workout it would be. It made my leg muscles sore plus it improved my self confidence… it’s a total win ?? I can definitely say that with consistent twerk classes, my booty has been sculpted, lifted and my twerk game is now stronger than ever! For me Nicole Steen aka The Booty Queen is one of the best in the biz! She makes sure that every class she teaches will only improve your hottest asset, babe. Clearly, she’s got the booty to prove that her methods work so I love that she takes the time to create moves that are fun and effective. So let’s take a look at some of the best twerk videos from Nicole and other instructors on YouTube for 2019! Get more twerk tutorials on instagram and show off your twerk moves babe. Make sure you use #hipshaker and tag us @hipshakefitness so we can give your booty some love ?

Twerk Tutorials On YouTube

I’m so excited that these twerk babes are accessible online so now you can do these twerk tutorials at home too! Twerk like nobody’s watching and be your own booty goals, babe.

Best Basic Twerk Tutorial For Beginners

When trying a new dance style, you always want to start with the basics. I love how Nicole breaks down these twerk moves because she makes them easy and achievable. Sometimes she goes faster, but you can stay at the slow pace until you’re more comfortable. This twerk tutorial also has modifications for anyone who’s pregnant or with bad knees, we got you babe!

Best Twerk Dance Choreography

This 2019 remix of Thotiana by Blueface and Cardi B’s was meant for a Nicole twerk choreography because it’s spunky, fierce and a poppin’ good time. This is a great twerk tutorial because it’s also a total body workout. You get to explore the Push Up Twerk and when you do them, you’re going to be so proud of yourself babe!

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Best Fast Twerk Tutorial

Are you ready to get hypnotized by Aliya Janell’s twerk choreography? This is basically what I strive for when I practice my twerk moves. I love the different tempo that she uses in this choreography because it doesn’t become stale and it keeps your attention throughout the whole video. Watch out for some slo-mo action and of course, booty jiggling.

Best Wall Twerk Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to do a handstand and twerk somethin? Well, consider your dream granted! Nina, does such a good job of breaking down the how to’s and what no to do when you just have to twerk on that wall babe. She even helps with the prep for this move and you’ll really want to pay attention to that.

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Twerk Tutorials Online Anytime, Anywhere

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