Are you tired of the same ol dance workouts out there? We’ve got a Bollywood inspired dance workout you can do right at home babe. Spice up your fitness routine with Bollywood Abs and put the fun back in your workout!

Bollywood Dance At Home

Isn’t it better when you get to make your own workout schedule? I always try to find new dance classes, but they never work with my busy schedule. Bollywood dance has always been eye catching to me because it just looks like such a good time! Finding a Bollywood class can be hard, but we got you, boo! I like seeing clips of Bollywood movies and you see everyone dancing together. It looks so fun and a good cardio workout. Now you can Bollywood dance throughout the house too and pretend like you’re in one of their movies. I love the different arm movements that make for really pretty pictures and pretty lines. Plus, add in rough one legged jumps and you’re working out your whole body babe. It’s so important to us that we bring you different dances from different cultures because dance is a universal language and we want everyone to speak it! Are you ready to become a Bollywood star? Check out these bollywood dance workouts you can do at home. Take a fun, inspired by Bollywood dance workout with Ashley. This class will help tighten, strengthen and tone your core using Bollywood moves. We are the first virtual dance studio making dance classes accessible for babes like you. Check out new workouts on our instagram and tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

1. Bollywood Dance For Beginners

Let’s start with 4 specific moves: hip rolls, hip swings, pump up & down and ab isolations. These moves not only tighten those abs and lower body, but you’ll also do it while dancing so it won’t even feel like a workout.

2. 5 Minute Cardio Bollywood Dance

Now that you’ve got some Bollywood inspired moves down, let’s try a little combo. My favorite is the snake it move because you can really feel it in your obliques and your arms. Double win!

3. Bollywood Inspired Cheap Thrills Choreo

Didn’t think we can make Sia and Bollywood work together? Think again! This non-stop choreo is a total party and it’s so easy too. I really love this choreo because my mom and I dance it together with Ashley ?

4. Get Low To This Bollywood Dance Workout

DJ Snake knows what he’s doing when he’s remixing songs. This was a perfect Bollywood Abs dance workout because there are sooo many beats in different tempos. I definitely need to work on those fast beats though.

Bollywood Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

Bollywood Abs is a cardio dance workout inspired by moves from India’s famous Bollywood movies. Get a total body workout using Bollywood dance anytime! This is just one of the many dance workouts you can immediately access through our site. We’re your go-to on-demand dance workouts and we’re open 24 hours, 365 days a year!

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