Thank you for purchasing our fabric booty bands. We’ve got moves to get you started with your new workout buddy below.

Thank You!

Hey babes. Thank you so much for purchasing our booty bands. I can’t wait for you to try it out and get all the booty gains you deserve. I love using bands because it engages so much more muscles that you can’t really reach on your own. Plus, it’s so easy to bring on vacation or bring your own at the gym. Don’t forget to look down on your band and remember that you are STRONG.

Booty Band Benefits

  • HEAVY DUTY & SLIP RESISTANT: our bands have an anti-slip rubber strap on the inside for uninterrupted booty gains. Super comfortable, use with or without athletic pants.
  • MANTRA: I Am Strong. You will always remember that you are strong with our mantra printed on the band. We chose “I am strong” because we were inspired by the strong women in the Hip Shake Fitness community.
  • SCULPT YOUR BOOTY: these fabric booty bands target your inner thighs, lifts and sculpts your booty by working the glutes using resistance training. It’s the perfect workout tool to use at home or on the go. We recommend pairing it with any of the booty sculpting dance workouts available on the Hip Shake Fitness dance studio.

Your Free Workouts

A booty band is one of the most convenient and inexpensive piece of workout equipment you can own. It’s lightweight, portable and can tone almost any part of your body. The best way to utilize your band is with butt workouts because they’re great for activating glutes and most moves are low impact with high results. So we’ve compiled moves that can help you activate your body using your booty bands.

Booty Workouts:

Side Walks

Put your bands on your ankles and get in a high squat position. This means you only bend your knees a little bit and your belly stays in. Then walk two steps to the right and two steps to the left. Open those legs as wide as you can and do about 20 reps.

Standing Squat

Make sure your bands are flat against your thighs and place the bands right above your knees. Pull your belly in and sit that booty back. To add even more resistance to the squat, every time you go down, push your knees out. Don’t forget to squeeze that booty on the up!

Squat Pulses

This is when the real burn happens. Your bands should be above the knees for this one. Stay in a squat position and pulse your knees out. Try two 8 counts and rest and then another two 8 counts. Make it easier by adding a little dance with your upper body!

Donkey Kicks

Take it to all fours with your band placed just above your knees. Your hands are directly underneath your shoulders then press one leg up at a time. Keep your abs tights and your foot flexed. And if your hands or wrists get tired, you can always go to your elbows.

Leg Extensions

Staying at all fours with your band placed just above your knees. Hands are directly underneath your shoulders then extend one leg out and then lift it up and tap your toe on the ground. Make sure your back doesn’t slouch and keep your abs in tight for this one.

Tone N Twerk Dance Workout

All the moves above are from our twerk class workouts with Nicole Steen. It’s a booty sculpting and lifting class mixed with a fun and sassy twerk choreography at the end.

Bonus Abs Workout:

Ab Crunches

Sit with your knees up, feet hips width apart and place your bands just above your knees. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and then crunch those abs. No need to go all the way down on the floor and add some weights if you want more of a challenge.

Lower Body Workout:

Releve Squat Pulses

Here’s a thigh burner! Grab a chair with a backrest or stand next to something you can hold on to. Place your bands above your knees and do a releve. Find your balance and slightly squat down and then pulse your knees out. Lift one hand above your head for an added challenge.

Blissful Barre

These 2 moves above are from our Blissful Barre workout with Diane Numark. This class combines ballet barre, yoga and pilates to improve your flexibility and strengthen your body. Plus, you don’t need a ballet barre to do these moves.

Lateral Leg Lifts

Your hips are important to workout too so try this leg lift. Place your bands right above your knee and do this one leg at a time. Raise your leg to the side and put it down without hitting the ground, doesn’t have to be as high as you can, but make sure you can keep your balance. Try 25 reps each leg.

Dancehall Jam

This last move is from our Dancehall Jam workout with Zen Nina. This class is a total body, high energy workout that creates a party like atmosphere. There’s a lot of booty shaking and core targeted move to make you feel energized.

5 Minute Glute Workout

Ready to sweat? We’ve got a 5 minute booty workout from Nicole that you won’t want to miss. Squat like never before with the help of booty bands. This is just a 5 minute sample from our Tone N Twerk workout. Access the whole workout when you become a dance studio member today.

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