Need to get rid of stress? Try burlesque dance classes! It’ll bring out your inner goddess and help you forget about your stresses for the day. Let’s get less stress and sexy together.

Burlesque Dance Classes

One of my favorite ways to get out of my head is to take a dance class. One of my recent loves is burlesque dance classes with Erica because I get to unleash my inner fierce femme side. Burlesque dancing is a great way to unwind and get a great workout. Checkout the photo above filming Burlesque Burn with Erica while I was pregnant ? After pregnancy, I love taking a burlesque class and up my self love game. If your nearest dance studio don’t offer burlesque dance classes, you can take these classes right at home. Had a rough day at work? Grab a chair and focus your energy on learning a new burlesque chair trick. We’ll go through floor work, chair tricks and burlesque choreography below. I promise babe, you’re going to love this class and feel really good mentally and physically after. Love burlesque dance classes? Show off your moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Beginner Burlesque Dance Class

In this class you’ll learn some basic burlesque moves that you can put together. I like going through the full video and then focusing on a specific move like the turns that I really want to master. My fave move combo from this workout is the arch down to the hip rolls, I think it’s so sexy and fierce.

Beginner Burlesque Chair Tricks

When you find your throne for this one, you won’t want to stop. Burlesque chair tricks are so fun and you really can do so much with just one chair. I love the hip balance trick because your legs get to fly and create different shapes in the air. It will take a few tries to feel super comfortable, but when you do, watch out world!

Burlesque Choreography

Now it’s time to hit the floor with some sexy and sassy burlesque choreography! Wearing fishnets and leg warmers are not required, but it really does get you in the zone. I love the goddess kicks in this choreography because it makes me feel super leggy and tall. I also love that Erica incorporated the longsleeve removal into the choreo.

Burlesque Chair Choreography

Whip that ponytail and dance around your throne. This is a fun choreo to Ariana’s 7 Rings which is perfect for a burlesque dance class. The fan kick is definitely my go to move from this class. I love that you get to do the routine a few times throughout the song and if you’re like me, you’ll get more and more confident as you go.

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