I’m so excited to share with you six fabulous burlesque dance moves from Erica. These moves are designed to help you feel sexy and confident, plus they’re beginner friendly too!

Burlesque Dance At Home

When I need a little pick me up, I go for a Burlesque dance class because it boosts my self esteem so quick. I like how it forces me to focus on my body and to give love to my body. burlesque dancer cha and erica Erica is really good at showing beginners the ropes when it comes to Burlesque dancing. She breaks down the moves and will even give you modifications or variations. When it comes to Burlesque, it’s not about who has the best splits or who can drop down the lowest, it’s about showing that confidence and that sassiness. Today’s video will teach you 6 basic burlesque dance moves and as a bonus, Erica will stitch them all together after each move. Let us know what your favorite move is from this series!

charlene instagram6 Basic Burlesque Dance Moves

1. Goddess Legs

Let’s start with the goddess legs and arch move. Begin by lying down on the floor with your legs up in the air. Slowly bend your front leg, slide it down, and then back up. Use a bit of momentum to come back up and arch your back, letting your hair cascade down. Remember to point your toes for those long, elegant lines. Repeat this move a few times to perfect your goddess legs and arch.

2. Booty Roll To Stand

Next, let’s learn how to stand up in a sexy way. Keep your right leg in front, sit back to your left butt cheek, cross your legs, hop to your feet, stick your booty out, and voila, you’re standing up like a burlesque queen! Practice this move a few times to master the art of standing up with style.

3. Heart Drop

Now, it’s time for the heart drop. Bring your hands to your chest, draw a heart shape around your chest, close it, pop it open, and then bring it back down. This move adds a touch of romance and flair to your burlesque dance routine. Practice the heart drop to add a graceful element to your dance.

4. Split Slip

Moving on to the split slip, place your hands on the floor in front of you and open your legs with a big pop. Slide down as low as you’re comfortable, and remember, it’s all about the attitude and not just the flexibility. Practice the side split to add a dynamic element to your burlesque repertoire.

5. Leg Dance

Get ready for the leg dance! Drop your right leg, bring it back up, circle it around, and then repeat the same with both legs. Keep those toes pointed and your legs straight for a graceful and mesmerizing leg dance. Practice this move to add a touch of elegance to your burlesque routine.

6. Sexy Walk

Let’s focus on your Burlesque walk – something so simple yet so sexy. Imagine you’re wearing stilettos, cross one leg in front, flick it a little as you walk, and throw your hips into it. Remember to stay light on your feet and exude confidence with every step. Practice your sexy strut to command attention and captivate your audience.

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