Need a good butt and thigh workout, babe? We’ve got the our drill sergeant, Zen, here for a sweatastic 15 minute workout and use your fitness band to increase the resistance and build those muscles baby.

Why Use Fitness Bands?

Fitness Bands are you new BFF. They’re portable, cute, little fitness equipment that will help build resistance and muscles. You can use them for your lower body and upper body and they’re real simple to actually utilize. If you don’t know how to use them, that’s ok. We’ve got the best in the biz to help you out with your booty and thigh workout– Zen! She will make sure you get your sweat on with our without your bands. The workout below is a combination of Dancehall Jam and toning workouts that compliments your butt and thighs. Squat your way to your best lower body and let’s jam! Shop fitness bands here and check out the moves below and let me know which one ?the most, babe!

1. Various Squats

Squats are so good for you and when you add bands to it, the resistance is crazy! You literally feel it on your thighs, butt, calves and even your core.

2. Heel Lifts

Oh heel lifts, you’re so good to me and for me! Keep your legs hip width apart and squat then alternate your leg going in and out from you with your heel up. This move is really good for your calves and your booty. And you’ll definitely feel it, girl.

3. Lateral Leg Raises

I have a love/hate relationship with Leg Raises. On their own, they’re not so bad, but add bands and my goodness do they burn. The burn is so good and your feel so energized after finishing your reps and that’s what matters!

Butt & Thigh Workout In 15 Minutes

Feel alive with Zen and her 15 minute Butt and Thigh workout with Fitness Bands. This whole workout is available for you today so add it to your fitness routine and get your Dancehall Jam on! Don’t forget your bands. Shop our fave fitness band brand here.

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