Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer! That also means we’re busy shopping, celebrating the season with family and of course, eating lots of delicious and festive foods. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas themed at home workouts just for you. So get ready to sleigh this holiday right at home babe!

Christmas Workouts At Home

The holidays are here which means time with family, festive foods and lots of shopping! All of these activities also means less time to workout (although, shopping counts right?) and this is where on-demand dance workouts come in handy. I’ve got family visiting, gifts to buy and I’m also planning a trip for Christmas. How am I going to have time to workout? That is a challenge for a lot of people, but by committing to even just 15 minutes, it will make all the difference. This is why I’m so glad there are videos you can find on YouTube that are short and sweet and even Christmas themed, perfect for working out during the holidays! Santa would be so proud. How will you make time for your workout? Show it off and use #hipshaker on Instagram so we can give you some love.

1. All I Want For Christmas Dance Choreography

Let’s start with one of my faves. Nicole Steen and Mariah Carey? Heck yes! I can’t get over how fun this choreography is. Everytime I hear this song and I hear it everywhere during the holidays, I just want to dance and prance around like a little flirty reindeer. I think Nicole would be proud.

2. Full Body Christmas Workout With Tatiana

Tatiana goes through a full 50 minute total body workout. From ballet barre moves to Rockette’s can-can to planks, you’ll find your heart rate going up by minute 5 ?? She gives you a very detailed workout so you can have great form because the right form is important so you don’t get hurt.

3. One More Sleep Choreography

If you don’t know this song by Leona Lewis, you’re in for a treat! This is a more subtle Christmas song but once you hear those jolly bells ringing, you’ll want to jump up and join these ladies on the dancefloor. This choreography combines cute and flirty moves with moves that will tone your bod.

4. Christmas Cardio Pilates

If you want a little more intense and flowing cardio, this 40 minute pilates workout with Anastasiya will be right up your alley. I recommend taking breaks when you need it because she’s hardcore and goes right through the workout. I do love the calm Christmas music she picked because it makes me feel like I’m in the Nutcracker ?

5. My Only Wish This Year Choreography

Of course, we need Fitness Marshall in our holiday life right? I don’t know if it’s the Santa pants or the candy cane or his moves list that makes December that much festive. You can also use gift wrap if you don’t have a giant candy cane handy ?Take a trip to the North Pole and come back sweaty with a big smile on your face.

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