Finding your tribe is important, especially when it comes to dance workouts! Your tribe will keep you accountable, motivated and of course, supported. Who doesn’t want that?

Instagram Dance Workout Babes

I wanted to take a second to show off our wonderful tribe of dancing babes on Instagram! It makes my heart so warm to see our dance workouts on the ‘gram and all the sweaty selfies give me so much LIFE. When we get that message that you mentioned us in your story, my heart flutters a little ?
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As part of the 28 Day Total Body Love Challenge at @hipshakefitness we're encouraged to share something we love about our body so here goes. ❤️ . . I love my boobs ?! There is said it. Growing up in the Philippines with my DD was not easy. I stuck out like a sore thumb and I would wear large shirts to cover my top. I am also often judged right away and my opinions are dismissed because of the way I look. . . I had so much body issues when I was young I actually ended up in a plastic surgeons office and for a long time thought about getting them reduced. . . It was when I started working out, taking care of myself and my nutrition that I started to appreciate my body. Plus, having a husband @todthebod01 who enjoys my quirks and appreciates me is icing on the cake. ??? . . I hope you can join us in filling Instagram up with body positive affirmations! Share what you love about your body with #hsfbodylove ? @anniesaurous

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Instagram is so great for connecting with friends, influencers and of course, your favorite brands. As one of those brands ?there’s nothing we love more than getting tagged and seeing the sweat and smiles from our dance tribe. It’s so brave when you posts before, during or after your workouts because it’s still a vulnerable version of you and know that we’ll always have your back! We’re featuring some of our fave posts below. Want to be featured? Follow us on instagram and use #hipshaker to share your tribe love with us ?

Dance Tribe Shoutouts


“I’m always on the prowl for new ways to cope with my depression/anxiety & I am more keen to those coping techniques to be physical activity so when I came across @hipshakefitness I was intrigued. I’m currently signed up for their free 6 day hip hop reboot & digging it so far.”


“Since I have a day off from work I managed to hit my workout early today. Just easy dance workout with hip shake fitness, but I love dancing and every move counts. Taking baby steps. Feeling good and now the rest of the day is mine to slay!”


“… I’m starting to like what I see on the mirror.”


“Y’all, I couldn’t resist buying this. ??‍♀️??And I’m so glad I did. It’s the most fun workout I’ve done since first discovering Jane Fonda at my Grandma’s house when I was six.”

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