Meet Carla Digiorgio

She started dancing at the age of 2 ½ and her mom, wanting her to be graceful & athletic, enrolled her in dance classes 3 days a week. As a young girl she studied ballet on pointe, jazz, tap and continued them all the way through college, where she also studied modern dance.

What is your favorite dance style?

Of course I love ballet, watching and dancing myself. Hip hop is a lot of fun…and I love the music, so I want to take more classes there. But I really do love it all! 

What is your favorite part about dancing?

Definitely the movement and the music. Having that outlet to express myself. I’ve never been the best at verbal communication.

Do you have any dancer role models?

All of my teachers! And right now I’m reading Misty Copeland‘s autobiography. She is a major inspiration on so many levels

What is your choreography process like?

As a fitness and dance instructor, I think about what my class needs as far as movement, and then I consider music. I try to vary movement but also repeat enough so that students can build on what they have learned.

Have you had any challenging moments with dance that you can share? If so, how did you overcome that challenge?

There have been many. Everything from bouncing back from health issues, and getting stronger again, to being in a completely new dance environment and wondering how I would fit in. I overcame each challenge by being patient with myself, and staying focused, working hard to overcome the challenge at hand. 

Many young dancers worry about their body types. What are your thoughts on body types in the world of dance?

As a nutritionist, I could go on about this. Dance is for everyone, but our society has unrealistic expectations regarding the dancer body type. When I was growing up I saw my teenage peers skipping meals so they could fit in to the ballet body type mold. Not only is that physically unhealthy, but it is emotionally damaging. I think that is shifting. My perspective is that there are healthy ways to get fit and feel good about your body. For me this means the right amount and type of exercise and following a clean lifestyle. One size does not fit all. This is a very individual approach, but when you find that balance and know what works for you, you gain confidence and accept yourself. Others will see that. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin has her own perfect body type.
A woman who is comfortable in her own skin has her own perfect body type.

What song is your guilty pleasure song?

Ummm Party Rock Anthem.

What is your perfect pizza?

As an FBI ( full blooded Italian) it would be hanging out in Napoli eating a crispy Margerita.

Yoga Butt Kick Ballet with Carla

Carla is teaching Yoga Butt Kick Ballet going live in April! Don’t forget to sign up and take classes with our amazing instructors. See you on the dance floor!