Hey babes, you all know there’s nothing I enjoy more than dancing with my best girls! For my 38th birthday you’re ALL invited to Dance-A-Palooza!! A 3-day dance festival that EVERYONE can join. Invite YOUR best girls to dance with ya!


Dancing is my fave form of workout! It keeps me active, makes me sweat and it’s so much fun. I’m so excited to invite you to join a 3 day dance festival hosted by Hip Shake Fitness!!! We’re ALL working out together to my fave workouts and choreographies on the platform.
  • Blissful Barre – this is one of the newer workouts on the platform. I just love how strong this makes me feel. Those little movements are a killer and Diane’s positive energy is the best way to start my day!
  • Tone N Twerk – is there REALLY a need to explain why I love Tone N Twerk? I mean for starters, this workout put us on the map. I’ve got the biggest girl crush on Nicole Steen’s booty. I’ve been improving my twerking skills in the last few years but even if I’m still not the best.. it’s really just all about having fun. This workout just makes me realize that life is about having fun!
  • Old School Hip Hop – everybody say oooohoooo-hoo, ahhaaah-ha… summertime in the LBC! I know it’s not summertime anymore but hey it’s my bday and I can sing this song if I want to. LOL. I grew up with Snoop D-O-GG, TLC, the running man. This one just brings me back to high school – waaaaay back!
PLUS, as a special treat, we’re giving everyone who signs up to our online dance studio this week* a 45 day free TRIAL! Just use the code dancefest45. * promo runs till October 7, 2018 at 11:59pm PST Babe, I hope you could invite all your best girls to dance with us. We’re building a dance army and nobody can stop us!! We’re ALL in this together.
Don’t forget to use the #hipshaker during Dance-A-Palooza so I can give you some love on instagram! Find me @geekcandance

Dance-A-Palooza Schedule

Click on each workout link to access the full workout babe! We’re ALL dancing together for 3 days. Come and meet other dancing babes on our private facebook group!

October 5 | Blissful Barre 2: Chair Work + Tip Toe Choreography x2 | 20 Min | Total Body & Choreo

Grab a chair, a mat and a set of weights and get ready to tone and tighten those muscles with 15 minutes of ballet inspired strength! Afterwards, let’s do the Tip Toe choreography 2x! Your muscles will be burnin for a few hours after this workout session babe.

15 Minute Chair Barre Workout

Tip Toe Choreography

October 6 | Tone N Twerk 1: Twerking 101 + Bodak Yellow x2 | 40 Min | Booty

Start your day with the workout that put us on the map. Nicole Steen will breakdown all the basic twerk moves for ya with this fun twerking 101! This is the most fun you’ll ever have working your booty. Afterwards, let’s dance to our Bodak Yellow choreography 2x! I promise you will feel sexy and ready to bring it after this workout.

Twerking 101

Bodak Yellow Choreography

October 7 | 3 Old School Hip Hop Moves + This is How We Do It x2 | 10 Min | Choreo

For the final day of dance-a-palooza, we’re taking it back, waaaaay back babe. Learn 3 easy old school hip hop dance steps with my girl Ashley and then let’s do the This is How We Do It Choreo 2x. The Dogg father will be proud of us!

Learn 3 Old School Hip Hop Moves

This Is How We Do It

October 7 | Dance Studio Members Only Access | Old School Hip Hop 5: Rollin’ N Getting Funky | 30 Min

For our dance studio members, get the complete 30 minute workout to rollin n gettin’ funky! In addition to the old school hip hop grooves, we’ve got a leg strengthening workout that will make you feel oh so good!

Old School Hip Hop 5: Rollin Gettin’ Funky

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