Happy New Year! Let’s start the new decade fresh, renewed and strong. We’ve got a short and sweet challenge for yah babes, but it’s the perfect restart for the new year with dance workouts, healthy recipes and self reflections.

Dance & Detox Workouts

I’m so excited to do the 7-DAY DANCE AND DETOX CHALLENGE with you. The new year is a great time to detox. Let go of anything from the past year that doesn’t serve you. 2020 is especially important because it’s the start of the NEW decade! Let’s begin this new decade clearing off toxicity from our mind, body and heart! A healthy diet is one of the most important ways to detoxify. We are removing foods that are processed and unhealthy for our body and cause inflammation. We are adding foods that help boost our immune system. Dance workouts are a great way to reduce inflammation, help your body function properly and fight against diseases. We’ve got 7 days of dance workouts, daily tips, 12 recipes, a detox food guide and a group of supportive babes to get you through. Let’s take 2020 by the reins together babe!

Why Join?

✓ Daily dance & detox schedule ✓Access to premium dance workouts from our studio ✓ Build muscle through resistance training ✓ Learn 12 easy and immune system boosting recipes ✓ Daily immune boosting tips to incorporate in your life ✓ Accountability and support from other dance tribe members

Challenge Details:

1. When does the challenge start?

We’re starting on January 6! This is a 7 day challenge and we’ll all be doing it together ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

2. Do I need to be a member to join?

NO! You don’t have to be a member. Use your email address and the challenge will be sent right to your inbox.

3. Do I need equipment?

You will need these for strength training: yoga mat, resistance bands, weights and chair with backrest.

4. What if I can’t do the workouts or follow the meal plan?

This challenge is all about YOU babe. Do what you can, if that’s 4 workouts, 2 recipes or all, you’re in control.

5. Will there be a prize?

Absolutely! Everyone who signs up for the 7 Day Dance & Detox Challenge will be entered to win Four Sigmatic goodies and a 3 months subscription to our online dance studio.

Let’s all start the year on a new beat! I can’t wait to get started on this 7 day challenge with you!

Fresh Start

Goals take us forward in life. They give us focus and help measure progress. During this Challenge you’ll identify what you want to achieve in 2020 and start taking action. We’re here to cheer you on and help with some goal setting prompts!

Yes & No Foods

In this challenge, you will be given a food guide for your detox. We’ll make sure it’s easy for you to avoid foods that will slow you down at the start of the year. Keep a screenshot on your phone so you can easily access it when you’re grocery shopping.

7 Day Dance & Detox Menu

Plus, we’ve got 11 easy and nourishing recipes just for you!

My faves:

  • Thai Coconut Soup
  • Ginger Turmeric Cookies
I can’t wait for you to try all of them babe!

Are you ready to Dance & Detox?

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